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Dear Fellow WADA Members,

Now that we are all back in the grind, I hope that the break was rejuvenating, I will count my break as the National AD convention as that always is, like our WADA convention, a great way to re-energize and have a fresh look on the future.  With that perspective I wanted to share with you my 3 resolutions for each of my main passions as we head in to 2019:

WADA President
1) Everything we do as WADA in 2019 will start from the foundation of building relationships to recruit, train, and retain great people in the profession of athletic directors and to make it a honored destination position in all of our school districts.

2) We will establish concrete and measurable goals with easy annual reflection to implement the 5-year WADA strategic plan.

3) We will have a great time connecting, learning, and recharging at our annual conference.

Memorial/MMSD athletic director
1)  In 2019 I will provide our coaches with the tools necessary to grow professionally as educators of our student athletes through our initiatives to educate coaches beyond the X's and O's in the areas of training, mental health, nutrition, adolescent development, and fostering leadership.
2)  In 2019 I will find better and more efficient ways to grow our greater community using athletics as a way to engage our broader community in Madison to celebrate the successes and benchmarks present in our high school athletics and support the financial needs to maintain great programming at the high school and increase connections at feeder levels.
3)   In 2019 I will work to insure all of our students are able to take advantage of the opportunity education based athletics provide; including daily leadership lessons through an app, and develop character along with competitors.

1) We will have Fun
2) We will try something new every month and celebrate every moment together
3) We will build the Schlitz family strategic plan with purpose and reflection

1) I will never waiver from my passion
2) I will be okay with saying No to things (occasionally)
3) I will be selfish with my time at least 4 hours of every 168

I look forward to working on these throughout 2019, please hold me accountable and help me out when you are able.  

Happy New Year,

Jeremy Schlitz, CAA
WADA President

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