Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Greg Dale
Sunday, November 11

Dr. Greg Dale, Professor of Sport Psychology and Sport  Ethics at Duke University and Director of the Sport Psychology and Leadership Programs for Duke Athletics.

“Developing the Credible Coach”
A coach’s success largely comes down to the credibility they have with the athletes they are attempting to lead.  Often coaches work very hard to establish and maintain credibility, but fail to understand they can undermine their credibility very quickly based on how they interact with kids and run their programs.  This session will provide athletic administrators with tools they can use to help their coaches improve their credibility.  Particular emphasis is placed on the various stages coaches experience during their careers, the art of challenging athletes without undermining confidence, effectively handling discipline and effective communication and motivation tactics before, during and after practice and competition. 

Gregory A. Dale is the Director of Sport Psychology and Leadership Program for Duke Athletics. In his sport psychology role, Dale provides consultations for individual athletes, coaches and staff members. In addition, Dale provides team building services for athletic teams and other units within the athletic department.

In his leadership role, Dale provides leadership training for athletes, coaches and administrators within the department through various educational programs. He is also a professor of sport psychology and sport ethics in the Department of Health, Wellness and Physical Education.

In July of 2018, Dale was named to the newly-created Integrative Performance Excellence Group, a unit comprised of directors in the areas of Sports Performance, Athletic Medicine, Sports Nutrition and Behavioral Health, as well as individuals representing psychological services, team physicians and primary care physicians.

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