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WADA President Message - January 8, 2020

WADA President's Message
January 8. 2020

Dear Fellow WADA members:

Now that we are back at it after our extended holiday break, I hope that this message finds you rejuvenated, and Pursuing Your Passions as our Past President, Jeremy Schlitz, so impassionately asked us to do back in November at the WADA Conference. I always look at my break and the opportunity to attend the National AD Conference as the beginning of my re-energizing process as we head into the teeth of the winter grind.  Attending this event in mid December, much like attending the WADA Conference in early November, always helps me refocus on my passion and purpose - To use the games we play in educational based athletics to develop young men and women for success in the game of life.

As I reflect back on the past year our organization had a very busy and productive year . . . 

  • Revision of our Mission and Vision statements
  • Development of our next 5 year (2019-2023) Strategic Plan as well as the formation of implementation teams to offer input on the “how to do it” to the Board
  • Significant adds to the traditional WADA Conference Format
    • Intentional Sessions for Middle School and Administrative Assistants
    • Round Table Breakouts
    • Vendor Mini sessions
    • New Membership Benefits added
    • Legal consulting services offered for work related issues
    • $2500 (self funded) life insurance for “working” AD’s  
    • LTI “On the Road” options increased significantly 

Looking ahead to 2020 the WADA Board and I are looking forward to continuing to support and fine tune the many new initiatives from the past year as well as working on and looking at the following:    

  • Development of an AD Toolbox on our WADA website as a resource for the states AD’s
  • Revision of our WADA summer Leadership Retreat for New AD’s as well as experienced
  • Research and Produce an AD Best Practice guide, based on school size and job expectations/responsibilities, to be used as a guide by school boards and administrators.
  • Formation of LTI Cohort groups (CAA/CMAA) to promote NIAAA certification in the state
  • Diligently work on the Strategic Plan initiatives and stay engaged with our Strategic Plan Implementation groups

Finally, as you reflect on what has taken place in the past year and look toward the excitement of the coming new year, remember that your best job as an AD is not in the policy or strategic planning that you do. It is in the relationships that you build with the athletes and coaches. When you create a climate and culture that values people over productivity, your coaches and athletes will know you care about them, and their development above their performance. Allow yourself to use athletics as a vehicle to develop the relationships necessary to build character in your coaches and players, the rest will always take care of itself.

Have a great start to 2020!!

Todd Sobrilsky, CMAA
WADA President


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