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President's Message
April 8. 2020

Dear Fellow WADA members:

Traditionally this newsletter would be one that offers congratulations on wrapping up a successful winter sports season and then best wishes for a great start to the spring sports season. It would also serve as a reminder and preview of the upcoming WADA spring caucus meetings and the WIAA annual meeting items for discussion and issues we would like you to be thinking about. But, less than a month ago, our work changed drastically. Life changed drastically. It's a new reality. Many we work with are grieving the loss of what was, and worried about what is and even more so about what might be.

In order to deal with this new reality the WADA Executive Board has been “meeting” on a weekly basis through Zoom. Our work has been focused on the what is and discussing the what might be. We are very fortunate to have a great relationship with the WIAA (thank you Tom Shafranski, our WIAA Liaison!!) and have been included in their discussions and decisions over the past month about the happenings concerning the end to the winter sports season and the future of the spring season. You can go to our WADA website to see the agendas and minutes from these meetings.
As we continue these discussions moving forward about the “what might be” in these uncharted waters, we as AD’s will be asked to lead through unprecedented situations. I know that we will be okay. I know that we've got this. Please know, we don't have to be perfect, that we don't have to have every answer and that we don't have to be the expert. We just have to be present, be steady, and be wise. Continue to be the amazing leaders and role models that you are in your communities. Leadership is all about the future. Leaders provide a vision of the future and then inspire others to pursue it. You, as the AD, are often the most visible and accessible leader in our school community. I don't mean to minimize reality (there is enough arrogance from leaders floating around), but we will get through this. It may be uncomfortable, it may be challenging, it may be new, but we will be okay. 

Be positive . . . stick together . . . lead with purpose!

Be Safe and Healthy!

Todd Sobrilsky, CMAA
WADA President

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