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WADA Board Statement: June 9, 2020

June 9, 2020

Hello WADA membership,

We recognize as school winds down there are still many uncertainties and these make most athletic directors uncomfortable.  Our goal is to ensure we have positive and actionable steps for our members to stay engaged and occupied, similar to our student athletes and coaches.  We continue to work with the WIAA to share with you up-to-date information, as soon as possible and will send a communication when we are able. Please understand, we want to ensure we have original information and confirmed sources which will allow WADA Members to not depend on media interpretation or clickbait. One way we have communicated with our members is the two AD Insider Round Tables. We want to continue and expand these ways to connect and share information. We will have a District Breakout Zoom discussion June 17th at 1pm to talk about specifics related to our areas. Look for an invite later this week for this member collaboration activity and listening session to provide feedback to help inform through our Board liaison. Plans are in place to have another round table June 25th at 1pm, which falls after the next WIAA Board of Control. Our focus will be on reactions to the Board of Control meeting and potential return to play items involving WIAA staff.

In the future we will put together the following topics to focus our energy. This collaborative effort is to address new items that will be on our plate related to the pandemic response and racial inequities.  The Board will facilitate, via email, this collaboration. Following the Board of Control decision you will contact the listed members related to the topic once determined.

  • Racial inequities and injustices and student-athlete response

    • We have added a Purpose statement to signify the inclusive value of WADA in the Mission and Vision

  • Return to Play process by sport

  • Virtual workouts/coaching

  • Fall event scheduling considerations/bussing

  • Communication of new policies and waivers

  • Event management details

  • Budget and fundraising concern

WADA Board Members will be designated or volunteer to spearhead the efforts to collaborate and put these materials in our AD resource toolbox on the WADA website.  We will send out details and contacts with the District Zoom details. We understand we all want answers yesterday, but we need to exercise great patience and thoughtfulness, so we have the foundation to readily address the anxiety and concerns across spectrums and different regions of the state.  Please reach out to your WADA Board if there is anything we can do or questions we can try to find answers to.  We need to be patient and that is extremely difficult especially with 3 months of disconnection.  We will work to keep you connected, supported, informed, and provided with educational opportunities, and ways to connect.  Please do your best to stay connected and we hope you can join the AD Insider roundtable at the end of the month.

Be well and stay well,

WADA Board



WADA will be a nationally recognized innovator serving its members while conserving education based athletics.



WADA empowers and inspires Athletic Directors to be leaders in their school communities by promoting education based athletics and providing opportunities to grow professionally.


  1. Promote high standards of professional ethics and integrity for athletic administrators.

  2. Operate WADA organization with fiscal responsibility.

  3. Provide ongoing mentoring, networking and support for WADA members.

  4. Provide opportunities for professional growth in athletic administration. through an annual conference, LTI, and other professional development opportunities.

  5. Recognize the achievements of members’ and constituents’.

  6. Provide information and facilitate communication with members.

  7. Create a clearinghouse of best practices and resource documents.

  8. Provide valuable service to recruit, retain, and increase membership.

  9. Foster relationships with professional organizations statewide and nationally.

  10. Gather and disseminate data related to education based athletics and athletic administration.

  11. Communicate and advocate with political organizations related to education based athletic administration.

  12. Engage in leadership contribution through participation at National Conference.

  13. Address and confront injustices through the support of diverse practices and gathering perspectives from persons of color and individuals with different backgrounds.


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WADA Mission
WADA empowers and inspires Athletic Directors to be leaders in their school communities by promoting education based athletics and providing opportunities to grow professionally.