Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association

WADA will be a nationally recognized innovator serving its members while conserving education based athletics.

WADA empowers and inspires Athletic Directors to be leaders in their school communities by promoting education based athletics and providing opportunities to grow professionally.


  1. Promote high standards of professional ethics and integrity for athletic administrators.
  2. Operate WADA organization with fiscal responsibility.
  3. Provide ongoing mentoring, networking and support for WADA members.
  4. Provide opportunities for professional growth in athletic administration. through annual conference, LTI, and other professional development opportunities.
  5. Recognize the achievements of members’ and constituents’.
  6. Provide information and facilitate communication with members.
  7. Create a clearinghouse of best practices and resource documents.
  8. Provide valuable service to recruit, retain, and increase membership.
  9. Foster relationships with professional organizations statewide and nationally.
  10. Gather and disseminate data related to education based athletics and athletic administration.
  11. Communicate and advocate with political organizations related to education based athletic administration.
  12. Engage in leadership contribution through participation at National Conference.


Webmaster Contact Info:
Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association
Eric Plitzuweit, CAA

400 McCanna Parkway, Burlington WI 53105
Phone Number: (262) 763-0200 ext 1258
Fax Number: (262) 763-0203
Email: eplitzuweit@basd.k12.wi.us

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