Officer Candidate Information

Nomination Process of the WADA Vice President

A written declaration of candidacy must be received by the Election Chairperson (District 2 Representative) or the Executive Director ( ) prior to October 1 of the election year.
Declared candidates will be duly nominated at the Opening General Session of the Annual Meeting of the members. If no declarations of candidacy are received by October 1, additional nominations from the floor at the Annual meeting of the members will allow. At the Opening General Session, each nominee shall be allowed two supporting nominations and the opportunity to speak on their own behalf.

Voting Process
Voting opportunities will be made available during the Fall Conference. Voting periods will be determined by the Executive Board and will be published in the Fall Conference program. The position of Vice President will be selected by a simple majority of the votes cast by the members of the corporation. Note: If more than one candidate runs for Vice President, refer to the Bylaws for election procedures

The responsibilities of the Vice President are:
  • Assist the President in securing speakers for the WADA workshop.
  • Facilitate the WADA Strategic Plan
  • Present the invocation at the Past President’s Dinner at the WADA workshop.
  • May act as a support to the Vendor Liaison.
  • Assign all presiders for the presentations at the WADA Workshop.
  • Undertake and complete assignments as directed by the President.
  • Officials Advisory Committee Liaison – meeting in November or December
  • Write thank you letters to the presenters, presiders, and other workers.
  • Secretary for all WADA Board Meetings & the Annual Meeting
  • Attend planning meeting with WADA Officers and hotel personnel in September
  • Attend WIAA Annual Meeting in Stevens Point in April.
  • Attend the Five State Exchange Program for WADA
  • Attend the NIAAA Section 4 meeting each summer.
President Responsibilities/Timeline
Vice President Responsibilities/Timeline
President Qualifications and Process for Special Election

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WADA empowers and inspires Athletic Directors to be leaders in their school communities by promoting education based athletics and providing opportunities to grow professionally.