Distinguished Service Award

The candidate shall be a person who is recognized in the school and community as a supportive leader and who assists in maintaining athletics as an integral part of the total educational program.  The candidate shall make full use of school and community resources and involving as many students/programs as possible.

Specifically, the candidate shall have achievements in:
1.   The candidate shall have made a significant impact on the lives of students
2.   The candidate shall have used athletics as a catalyst to achieve some demonstrable progress in the financial, social, & cultural environment of the school and/or community.

2022 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2022 WADA Distinguished Service Award Program

2021 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2021 WADA Distinguished Service Award Program

2020 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2019 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2019 WADA Distinguished Service Award Program 

2018 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

2017 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

  • District 1—Dr. Steve Bont
  • District 2—Heck Family
  • District 3—Terry Russell
  • District 4—Claudine and Jim Happel
  • District 5—Donald Rielly
  • District 6—Becky Blank
  • District 7—Patrick Finnemore

2017 Distinguished Service Award

2016 Distinguished Service Award Recipients

  • District 1—Byron Goodwin
  • District 2—Mark J. Lacke
  • District 3—Brookwood Falcon Booster Club: Curt Brieske, Lori Brueggen and Sharon Karis
  • District 4—Tom Schmidt
  • District 5—Greg & Pam Mueller
  • District 6—Dr. Brent P. Yaeggi
  • District 7—Gregg Bach

2016 Distinguished Service Award

2015 Distinguished Service Award Winners

  • District 1- Dr. B.J. Brenna
  • District 2- Mike Zblewski
  • District 3- Jean Londergan
  • District 4- Bernie McKichan
  • District 5- Dave Figi
  • District 6- Gerry Lofy
  • District 7- Dennis Mader

‚Äč2015 Distinguished Service Award

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