WADA Hall of Fame


The Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association Board of Directors established the WADA Hall of Fame in 2013 to honor retired interscholastic athletic directors for their exemplary careers in athletic administration at the local, state and national levels. This honor is one of the highest awards a Wisconsin athletic director may receive from WADA. This award serves to promote the vocation of athletic directors and preserve the heritage of the profession. Further, this award has established a standard for athletic directors to emulate.

Nomination form for the WADA Hall of Fame: Hall of Fame Nomination Form

2022 WADA Hall of Fame2022 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2021 WADA Hall of Fame2021 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2019 WADA Hall of Fame2019 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2018 WADA Hall of Fame2018 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2017 WADA Hall of Fame2017 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2016 WADA Hall of Fame
  • Janis Doleschal, CAA
  • Frank A. Matrise, Sr.
  • Greg Smith, CMAA
2016 WADA Hall of Fame Program

2015 WADA Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Dave Balmer (posthumously)
  • Doug Chickering
  • Don Tolkacz, CAA
2014 WADA Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Jack Cepek
  • Gary Koplin, CAA
  • Newell “Nellie” Nelson
  • Brad Nemec, CAA
  • Jack Overgaard, CAA
2013 WADA Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Barb Deichl, CAA
  • Don Ford
  • Scott Lindgren, CMAA
2012 WADA Hall of Fame Inductees
  • Don Dalton, CAA
  • Dave Gunderson
  • John Klement
  • Dr. John Olson, CMAA
  • Jim Teff, CMAA (posthumously)


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WADA Mission
WADA empowers and inspires Athletic Directors to be leaders in their school communities by promoting education based athletics and providing opportunities to grow professionally.