WADA Hall of Fame Nomination Form

The WADA Hall of Fame is organized as a means of recognizing interscholastic athletic directors, promoting the vocation of athletic directors and preserving the heritage of the profession.  This honor is one of the highest a Wisconsin athletic director can receive from WADA for his/her contributions and accomplishments at the local, state and national levels.  Further, this award set a standard for athletic directors to emulate.


Athletic Director:
  1.  All nominees shall be retired from secondary school athletic administration by July 1 in the year the nomination form is submitted with a minimum of 10 years as an athletic director.
  2. All nominees shall have merited recognition and distinction in athletic administration and long term contributions to interscholastic athletics. While many have served programs over a long and distinguished career, their accomplishments must have been worthy of WADA recognition for them to be considered. Longevity without significant accomplishments does not constitute appropriate credentials for the WADA Hall of Fame consideration.
  3. All nominees must have exhibited sustained superior performance throughout their career exemplifying the highest standards of ethical conduct, integrity, moral character, service, leadership and professionalism.
  4. All nominees shall be considered on the merits of contribution and achievement to interscholastic athletic administration at all levels – local, state and national with emphasis on WADA involvement.
Requirements for Consideration

Requirements for Consideration: only the following package of materials should be submitted for an individual to be considered for induction into the WADA Hall of Fame:
  1. Nomination Form: A completed nomination form.
  2. Letters of Recommendation: A maximum of two letters of recommendations can be included.
  3. Support Material: The total number of support material pages must not exceed four (4). The four pages are in addition to the nomination form and the two letters of recommendation.
  4. Photograph: A 4’x6” or 5”x7” portrait style photograph should accompany the nomination form.
All nomination forms and support materials must be sent to the respective WADA Awards Chairperson. The nominator must be forward all forms and support materials to the WADA Board District 5 Representative for the nominee(s) to be considered for the November Conference. Contact information for the District 5 Representative is available on the WADA website (https://www.gowada.org/page/3026) under the top tool bar Board/Board Member Contact Information.

Please use the following guidelines when preparing the nomination materials:
  1. All materials must be submitted on 8.5”x11” paper.
  2. All materials must be presented in typewritten or computer generated form.
  3. Do not use highlighters to outline specific facts or underline or draw arrows to make copy.
  4. Put names on photo(s).
NOTE: Candidates not selected for the WADA Hall of Fame will not have to resubmit nomination material for the next three years. Candidates, who have not been selected over a four year span, will have to resubmit all nomination form and material after a four year consecutive span of time.

The WADA Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be held annually in conjunction with the WADA Conference each November. Although not necessary, inductees or family members of posthumous inductees are encouraged to attend the induction ceremony.



  Nominee is
Nominees Education:
AD’s after 1988/2000-NIAAA Certification
Athletic Directors
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(Applicants must be retired by July 1 in the year of the nomination form is submitted)

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