Getting to Know Your Board:

The WADA Board is made up of 7 District Reps, elected by their respective Districts every 2 years at the Fall Caucus held in conjunction with the WADA Conference.  The odd numbered Districts hold their elections in odd numbered years while the even numbered Districts hold their elections in even numbered years.  This process ensures a continuity of the Board.  While each Board member has a say in all voting procedures, each District has specific responsibilities as well outlined below.

In addition, Officers are part of the Board.  Officers commit to a four year progression of Vice President, President-Elect, President, and Past President.  The Executive Director is a hired position with no term limits.  The Vendor Coordinator and Information Coordinator are also hired positions with no term limits. Finally the Board has 3 Liaisons: Retired AD, WIAA, and LTI Coordinator.

Board Members

District 1:  Mary Schradle–Mau of Turtle Lake was recently re-elected and represents the northwestern part of the Badger state.  In addition to sitting on the Board, District 1 main responsibility is the organization of Door Prizes at the Conference.  Always a favorite in November, Mary secures, organizes and delivers the many Door Prizes has to offer.

District 2:  Veteran Board member Nathan DeLany of Marshfield continues his excellent representation of the northeast part of the state.  Nathan’s peers have selected him as Chairperson of the Sports Advisory Council as well.  Nathan’s prime responsibility on the Board is the organization of Scholarships and Elections.  Over the past few years, he has updated and streamlined the process to make it more efficient and easier to access.

District 3: Shawn Groshek of Adams-Friendship begins his first term on the Board after being elected at the recent WADA Conference.  Shawn is in charge of updating By Laws and the WADA Handbook.  This important task helps the membership stay within our framework.

District 4: Xavier Athletic Director, Kathy Bates, represents District 4 which encompasses the Fox Valley and surrounding area.  Everyone loves the free attendee benefit gift at WADA and Kathy is in charge of soliciting ideas, contacting vendors, and getting samples to the Board.  Once the gift is selected, Kathy takes care of the ordering and distribution of the gift.

District 5: The large and difficult tasks of District 5 are now in the hands of Brittany Spencer Grant after she was elected at the WADA Conference.  The southwest part of the state rep from New Glarus is responsible for securing all the awards for the WADA Conference.  The number of awards is typically in the 100’s and her meticulous inspection will make this a smooth process for all.

District 6:  Waterford’s Jill Stobber represents District 6.  This district is the “no man’s land” between Madison and Milwaukee and south of the Fox Valley.  Jill’s main responsibility is the registration at the beginning of the conference.  What used to be a chaotic procedure is now much more organized with Jill and the assistance of the retired ADs.

District 7:  Sara Unertl of Franklin represents District 7, the Milwaukee Metro area and was recently re-elected.  Her main responsibility is the development of the agendas for the Spring and Fall Caucuses.  This job ensures that all Districts are discussing the same issues while still allowing for unique situations in each individual district.


Vice President– Todd Sobrilsky of Waukesha South was elected to this position at the November Conference.  The Vice-President secures all Presiders at the Conference and makes certain the Presenters gifts are available and helps with the overall presentations as needed.  In addition, Todd will take an active role in Legislative bills that have affected High School athletics. 

President-Elect – Jeremy Schlitz of Madison Memorial will take over as President at the conclusion of the 2018 WADA Conference.  In the meantime, his main responsibility as President-Elect is to secure all Presenters at the Annual Conference.  He works in conjunction with the main theme and fills up to 21 time slots.  The “nuts and bolts” of the Conference relies heavily on his outstanding judgment of Presenters.

President – Peggy Seegers-Braun of Divine Savior Holy Angels is your current President.  In addition to presiding over all meetings, she also recruits and secures the keynote speakers for the Conference.  She also will be the presider over the 2018 WADA Conference. As the current WADA State Ad of the Year, we are in very capable hands.

Past President – Tim Collins of Big Foot is the Past President.  He presided over the 2017 Conference and was responsible for bringing in Dan Jansen and Billy Riggs.  His main purpose as Past President is to offer advice, experience and insight for the Board.  In addition he will host the annual Past President’s dinner.


WIAA:  Long-time WIAA Associate Director Deb Hauser has served as the WIAA Liaison for many years.  With her retirement at the end of the year, Tom Shafranski will assume that role.  Tom will provide an excellent bridge between the WIAA and WADA.

Retired AD: Former WADA President Barb Deichl, formerly of Waterford High School, acts as a liaison for the retired ADs.  She organizes the 50/50 raffle as well and helps organize workers for registration at the Conference.  Her behind the scenes work helps everything go smoothly.

LTI: Not only a leader of LTI in Wisconsin but also nationally is John Frizzell of Wisconsin Rapids.  His leadership in this area is unsurpassed as he has been heavily involved in the LTI program in both Wisconsin and nationally. Newly appointed Pewaukee Athletic Director Jeff Behrens is the Assistant LTI Coordinator making Wisconsin the best LTI program in the nation.

Executive Director:

Former West DePere AD, Greg Smith, assumed the role of Executive Director in 2010 as a new position for WADA.  His work since taking over has been nothing short of astounding.  He has secured funds through corporate sponsorship never before seen in WADA.  Furthermore, he deals with behind the scenes activities that are far too numerous to mention.  WADA is in the position it is in largely due to Greg’s work and passion.

Vendor Coordinator:

Current D.C. Everest Athletic Director James Sekel takes on the task that is one of our life-lines for WADA.  James contracts all Vendors who attend WADA and is an integral part of the Conference.  Although this is a thankless job, WADA would not survive and thrive without his dedicated work.

Information Coordinator:

This position could not be in more capable hands than that of Linzi Gronning, a two-time WADA President.  Overseeing and updating our website through three changes in website providers, Linzi’s continued dedication to WADA makes our website second to none in the country.  WADA Reps are trying to drive more members to the site as it has frequent updates and information due to Linzi’s diligence. In addition, Linzi and her husband, DeWayne, are responsible for the outstanding video presentations at the annual Conference.

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