Compliance Training
Presenter: Nina Rouse, Muskego

SportsYou & WADA
Presenter: Jen Gros, SportsYou

Student-Athlete Mentor Program
Presenter: Tara Rose, St. Croix Falls

Empowering Students In Leadership
Presenter: Tara Rose, St. Croix Falls

Starting or Running a Sports Officiating and Coaching Course
Presenters: Ashley Inglish, Waterford Union, Kate Peterson Abiad, WIAA

Empowering Underrepresented Groups Within the Profession
Presenters: Jeremy Schlitz, CAA Madison Metropolitan, Joel Zimba, Verona Area

Starting an Adaptive Sports Team/League in your School 

Started in 2012, the Mississippi Valley Conference Adapted Sports League has provided an opportunity for over 150 athletes with intellectual or physical disabilities to have a meaningful co-curricular experience. The presenters in this session will work through the logistics of how you can implement this culture building program in your school. Historically underrepresented in co-curricular sports, the ASL program connects student athletes with disabilities and their families to their school community and also builds a more connected student population that supports students and athletes of all abilities.   Presenters: Matt Meyers, Nick Slusser, Martha Tymeson

Sports Psychology - Developing Confidence & Composure

As student-athletes gain resources to develop physically, technically, and tactically, many are looking for ways to improve mental performance. Mike Clark, M.Ed., the Mental Performance Coach at Waukesha South High School will discuss how confidence and composure are developed using an integrated approach. Special attention will be given to ways in which mental performance exercises can be utilized to improve team culture through individual growth.   Presenter:  Dr. Mike Clark, M.Ed.  Performance Consulting

Dealing With Legendary Coaches

As a 3rd year Athletics Director inheriting and working with 7 legendary coaches who have over 30 years of experience at our school can bring challenges but also brings great rewards. In this session we will dive into strategies I have used to successfully implement positive change into legendary coaches and how they have helped me grow and develop as an Athletic Director. From technology struggles and unwillingness to change certain aspects of their programs to planning trips to state tournaments we will discuss in this session.  Presenter: Matt Bergan, Catholic Memorial 

Do You Want to Lead Culture in Sports/School - What is Your Operating System?

Impacting every student in a school through sport requires intentional culture. Intentional culture requires an operating system. What's yours? 
"Building a culture in sport that students want to be part of that impacts lives is not difficult, it's intentional." Presenters: Mitch Hull, 3-D Coaching 

WIAA - How to Make the Right Calls with Your School Board

Building a supportive relationship with your local school board is critical to the important work of Wisconsin’s athletic directors. Learn effective strategies that lead to improved communication between you and your school board. Nobody likes surprises, especially elected school board members. As cowboy humorist Will Rogers once said, “If you’re going to ride out in front of the herd, you need to check every so often to be sure the herd is still behind you.”  Presenter: John Ashley, Executive Director of the Wisconsin School Boards, WIAA Liaison

Scott Swid - WADA legal counsel drop in advising 

Meet with WADA legal counsel with specific employment related legal questions on contracts and evaluations, employment rights and responsibilities related to athletic director position, and best practices when concerned about job actions and evaluations.

Fixing Your Mindset

Katherine’s personal journey from Olympic Medalist to Performance Mindset Coach by increasing awareness of the Default Mindset and sharing practical strategies to help listeners manage stress and anxiety, respond effectively to their emotions, and develop confidence. mindset and develop strategies to improve performance.  Presenter: Kathy Adamrk, 2x Olympic Medalist & World Champ, Short Track Speed Skating, Performance Mindset Coaching

Booster Club Relations - the Do's & Don'ts

Booster clubs are formed to help school communities facilitate involvement and enrichment in their athletic programs. Productive relationships are the key to establishing and sustaining a successful booster club. The better these relationships are, the better your chances are for increasing membership, parental involvement, and raising money.  Presenters:  Don Kurth, Brookfield Central, Dave Richter Brookfield Central Booster President

A High Leverage Strategy For Program Improvement - Student Leadership Training

As we strive to foster an environment of education-based athletics that inspires growth for whole individual, our mission is to equip student-athletes with the skills necessary to demonstrate character and integrity long after the final high school whistle blows.  Come join this discussion to learn how the implementation of an intentional and strategic leadership development plan will assist student-athletes to be the best version of themselves, and ignite a collective transformation within your athletic programs.  Presenter: Kyle LeMieux, CAA,  Waukesha West

WIAA - Conference Realingment Task Force

During this session will briefly review the work of the Conference Realignment Task Force and provide an overview of the new process and application. In addition, we will guide attendees through the new timeline for the process.  Attendees are encouraged to bring an electronic device to have “hands on” access to realignment documents. There will be a generous allowance of time for questions.  Presenter: Stephanie Hauser, CAA, WIAA Assistant Director & Mike Beighley, Superintendent, Whitehall

Code Meetings & Promoting Your Vision

Every coach, parent, and athlete should walk out of your athletic code meeting on the same team, united in expectations, and aligned in mindset for success on and off the field of play. Join us for a workshop and discussion around research-based information and best practices to engage with your student-athletes and parents at your pre-season code meetings. Please attend this session prepared to discuss and collaborate with other attendees to share tips, tricks, time-savers, and engagement maximizers.  Presenter: Jordan Hein, Franklin

Online Seed Meetings - How To

This mini-session is intended for AD's seeking information on running effective & efficient seed meetings.  The main focus will be the use of google drive to collect and share data related to WIAA seed meetings. Presenter: Eric Plitzuweit, CAA,  Burlington

Community Youth Sports - A New Approach

Changing Youth Football over from a stand alone club model program to the school sponsoring 7th and 8th grade tackle football and the Park & Recreation Dept. and YMCA sponsoring all youth Flag Football.  All oversight changing from parents running it to the school overseeing it. Presenters: Kevin Flegner, CAA, Oconomowoc & Jesse Pilachowski, Oconomowoc Youth Football Director

Coaches Evaluations as a Growth Model

Do you have a plateauing or declining program?  Do you have a program that needs to be "turned around"?  Do you have coaches who want to be better, but just don't have the tools?  This session will talk about a collaborative effort for ADs and coaches to engage in critical reflection for coaches to become better and improve their programs. Presenters: Jeff Behrens, CAA, Pewaukee 

Capital Campaigns - Facility Improvements

This session will trace the Capital Campaign process from initial stages all the way to grand opening. This session will cover topics including: steering committee creation, making the initial ask, donor recognition, construction meetings, groundbreaking, and grand opening.  Presenters: Aaron May, CAA, Waunakee & Nathan DeLany, CMAA, Marshfield

AD-Coach-Teacher Role

You are not alone! The multi-role of AD/Coach/Teacher is stressful and challenging. Regardless to your exact role, we can help. The assistance from others who are currently going through the same issues, can greatly lighten the load. Let's have a discussion on how to utilize our time and management skills to get the best out of all of us. Presenter: Shawn Groshek, RAA, Amherst


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